Art agency LARS


Art agency arose in 2000 to hold cultural programs with contemporary themes. Major scopes of the activity are mainly programmes and performances with contemporary, historically stylized focus and content.

According to customer's need we provide

 Programmes and performances for children (separately or as an additional programme)
 Programmes for adults (programme itself or as a part of another programme)
 Specialized consultancy in scenic fencing (film and theatre scenes)
 Seminars about historical weapons

Our repertory:

 Fencing demonstrations - combats, scrimmages, melees, techniques and usage
   of particular weapons
 Fencing theatre sketches
(possibility to settle the length and the subject of such scene)
 Programmes together with contemporary music and dance
 Artillery and cavalry performances and demonstrations
(in cooperation with other partners)
 Battle pieces (in cooperation with other fencing ensembles)

We are also able to provide:

 Ensembles of historical and scenic dance
 Contemporary music
 Additional performances
- jugglers, magicians, fire shows, pyrotechnical effects etc.

 Organization and direction of programmes for children and adults
 Contemporary competitions
 Conferencing of the programme bloc
 Choreography of fencing, battle and scenic performances or programmes
 Particular fencing or scenic supplies in specific programme (e.g. castle sight-seeing ...)
 Promotion, co-organization and arrangement of the course of cultural programmes (projects)
    with contemporary theme and arrangement of services related to promotion of historical
    festivals, battle pieces...
 Arrangement of staf, Guards service and colour guard by Spanish troop of halberdiers
 Organization of motion courses - concentrated at fencing and language courses (also with stay)

We ensure this either as providers of such ensembles and programmes or as organizers of a complete programme. It is possible to combine and carry out the performance either in a compact bloc or in separated supplies during the programme.

The agency works with its own ensembles and with contracting ensembles and artists.